Pokemon Wally Quest (GBA) Download

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM

  • Creator: Sofie
  • Version: v1.0
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: October 17, 2022

Pokemon Wally Quest is a GBA ROM Hack by Sofie based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on October 17, 2022.


A simple, plot-centric game based on RHH’s battle engine. The story is based on Emerald and ORAS, with additions to the main plotline, a new rival/antagonist, sidequests, and post-game episodes. There is also a bit of a catch-them-all subtheme.

Play as Wally, go out and explore Hoenn, make friends and save the world!


This ROMhack is an alternate reality with Wally as the protagonist.

  • Longer pre-E4 plot up to lv85
  • Additional rival/antagonist
  • Delta and other post-game “episodes”
  • Additional side “quests”, mostly to unlock other Pokemon
  • Various adjusted NPC dialogue, e.g. daily egg, and berry givers, Professors

Some interpretations based on questions from the mainstream games:

  • What if Maxie and Archie had used the correct Orbs?
  • What drove the meteoroid toward Hoenn?
  • What did Wally’s dad want to tell Wally after the 5th Gym?


  • RHH’s Battle-Engine features, such as physical/special split, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc
  • All Pokemon, movesets, TMs, and Move Tutors up to Gen VII, up to and including Melmetal
  • More double battles. Gym Leader and E4 rematches, as well as some boss fights, will be doubles
  • All Pokemon have “perfect IVs”
  • NPC opponents have EVs and natures
  • Gym Guides offer “battles” for fast leveling
  • EV-training NPCs: Unlockable through side events
  • EVs used as Contest conditions
  • Ability changer in Devon after 5th badge
  • Soft level cap
  • Other various QoL improvements

Future Plans

  • Gen VIII Pokemon
  • Alternate patch with type, stat and move changes
  • Difficulty improvements (please feedback)

Additional Info

The main Pokemon changes are regarding evolution. I was/am working on an alternate patch with type/stat/move/ability changes, but decided to keep it simple first.

This ROMhack is intended to be Nuzlocke-able with diversity in each replay, although some battles are not friendly. Prof Oak’s challenges are hindered by the soft-level cap, so recommend adjusting the rules based on that. Single-Pokemon runs are not possible in the current version, as a story point requires more than 1 Pokemon in the party.

This isn’t a difficulty hack, but there are measures to raise the difficulty


  • This game has unkind re-interpretations of the antagonists (existing Pokemon characters).
  • While I believe I’ve avoided sensitive content, some antagonists’ speeches are intended to irk/may be inappropriate to others
  • Some creepypasta is referenced.
  • The story is dark at times


Tested on mGBA-0.9.3 and VBA-M


  • Nintendo and GameFreak for Pokemon Emerald
  • Pret for the decompilation
  • RHH for the Battle Engine
  • -UltimaSoul
  • -ghoulslash
  • -DizzyEggg
  • -AsparagusEduardo
  • -ExpoSeed
  • -Pyredrid
  • -MandL127
  • -Lunos
  • -ShantyTown
  • -mvit
  • -Doesnt
  • -Cancer Fairy
  • -MrDollSteak
  • -Avara
  • -Kurausukun
  • -TheLaw
  • -BreadCrumbs
  • -Syreldar
  • -Porygon23
  • -Everyone else who’d contributed
  • The Pokecommunity forums for their instructions and modifications
  • -Slawter666’s dynamic overworld palette + auto-reflection
  • -ghoulslash’s Follow Me
  • -Pyredrid’s Surfboard
  • -Xhyzi for custom introductory screen
  • -CyanSMP64 for DPPT, HGSS and BW music
  • Padz and ShantyTown/Yenatch for the Porymap Map Editor
  • Aveontrainer for multiple overworld sprites (Professors, stat trainers)
  • Princess Phoenix for Mega Diancie overworld sprite
  • Nephae on deviantart for Zinnia trainer sprite
  • Unknown artist for title screen picture
  • “Wally Quest” on title screen made with fontmeme.com
  • Gen 1-7 Pokemon overworld sprites (various creators) from Reddi

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