Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Pokemon Fire Red Extended is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed by DjTarma, is now available and ready to download. It was last Updated on 16 August 2022.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Red Extended GBA ROM

NamePokemon Fire Red Extended
Hack ofFireRed
Last update16 August 2022


A FireRed Remake Project With A Lot Of Advanced Enhancements!


  • Pokemon from Gen 1-8 (Kanto To Galar).
  • Custom Level For Starter Evolution.
  • Evolve Certain Pokemon With Link Cable.
  • All In-Game Fonts Have Been Blacked Out.
  • HUD & Updated Layouts For Better Experience.
  • IVs, Natural Display Added & PSS Icons Inserted.
  • Unique Events (Some Legendary Events Are Missing).
  • Certain Evolution Methods From Male/Female Pokemon.
  • Party Specific Evolution (Remoraid + Mantyke = Mantine).
  • Advanced Evolution Guide In With Game File Download.
  • Custom Wormhole System & Sideway Stairs GFX.
  • Dive Maps For More Exploration & Some Incomplete Events.
  • Revamp Map’s GFX & Custom Battle Background’s GFX.
  • Advanced Move Tutor For 2000$ In Every PokeMart.
  • Replaced Elite Four With The Ultimate Pokemon League!
  • Field Moves. (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Dig, Sweet Scent, Rock Climb, Dig, Headbutt, Drillrun, Bulldoze, Thief, Growth).
  • New Fossil Resurrection System For Gen 1-8 Fossils (Use Thief On Hikers/ Dig In Certain Maps).
  • Safari Zone Expanded To 4000$ (Does Not Count Steps + 60 Safari Balls)



Text corrections, NPCs, map improvements:

– Seafoam Island (I’m improving this map more and more, to avoid exploits or facilities that remove the puzzle from the map)

– Other locations had signs inserted and improved spawns.

Route 07’s Day Care was updated!

– Now, the Day Care NPC “Husband” gives a step down to warning the player that an Egg is ready to be given.

Rotom can now change form:

– There is a workshop in Saffron, a green building similar to a PokéMart.

You can interact with objects in your Rotom (which is obtained from the Power Plant) will evolve. If you no longer want the desired shape, just interact with the dark gray post on the wall of the same map and the form is reset.

It is highly recommended that when switching to this new version, you are inside a PokéMart or PokéCenter, there have been some changes in several internal maps and their scripts, which can cause unwanted behavior.

v3.2.7 – The Spawn List continues again!

A lot of minor bugs/glitches were fixed:
– Copper River, (Tago Town) background slots were fixed.
– The seafoam islands map script was fixed.
– Route 16’s Forest on the left side fixed a bug that displayed the wrong tiles.
– Cerulean Cave’s logical Strength boulders system exit was fixed.
– Route 10’s Dive maps.
– Fossil game system on Mt. Moon.
– Route 18 cave’s tiles.
– Beedrill giving out Sail Fossil instead of HoneyCombs on Route 26’s farm.
– Minor bugs on Spawn List signs.
– Some places on Route 11’s new caves like hitboxes were fixed.

The first step of Lavender Town reworks starts!
– All spawns were reworked and increased the level of wild spawns there.
Added Klefki, Shuppet, Honedge, and Dreepy (The rarest spawn)

– Fixed the second ability from Hisuian Typhlosion.

– Fixed a bug with the Scientist battle of Silph Corp.

v3.2.6 – The Spawn List continues! 

Spawn List feature:
– From Route 09, and 10, Power Plant and Rock Tunnel have been completed!
(Cave maps of these areas are under development).
The maps above had a balance in the level of the wild Pokémon and improvement of some spawns…
An extra map has been added on Route 10, near the PokéCenter, on the right side.

– A massive amount of map bugs have been fixed, such as wall blocking errors, maptile problems, etc…

Added animations on the Overworld Sprite of the following Pokémon (VIP):
– Yveltal (Flying) and Zeraora (Sleeping)
– Yveltal when the player interacts with him, causes him to land on the ground and howls, while Zeraora has a better animation sleeping and after the player gives him a Thunder Stone, Zeraora will jump and thus start the battle!

Some dive maps have been inserted and corrected in the following locations:
– Route 10 (Lake Dive Added)
– Route 13 (Removed useless dive point)
– Route 20 (Ocean Diving will be added for the next update)

Fixed the description of several items and some moves.
The author will possibly be changing TMs 01, 28, and 42 in the future.

Pokémon changes:
– Happiny, Chansey, Blissey, and Audino now hold Lucky Egg in the two slots.
– Nidoking/Nidoqueen have Defiant as second slot ability.
– Piplup to Empoleon have Competitive as second slot ability.

v3.2.5 – The Spawn List version!

A new system was inserted – The Spawn List:
– On Route 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 11, 22, 24, 25, 26, (And all cities near these roads also have this feature) will have Gray signs, showing all spawns within the map.
Improvements & Bug Fixes in several maps, such as leveling up and balancing wild Pokémon on all maps that have the Spawn List feature.
Don’t worry, this feature is 15/20% complete. I’ll be inserting more boards containing Pokémon information on the remaining maps, along with a rework of wild Pokémon levels.

EV reduction items have been fixed!
– From now on, you will be able to use reduction items in any stat and you will also be able to use stat increase items, regardless of level.

Battle Mechanic update!
– When a move animates in battle, the HP bars will disappear until the animation ends.
– The Moonblast and Glazzle Gleam moves had their animations reworked!
The purpose of this move animation rework is to help some users who use emulators on the iOS system, who made their games freeze after their own or opponent’s Pokémon used these moves.

Pokemon changes:
– Piplup, Prinplup, and Empoleon now have Competitive as a second ability slot, replacing Defiant.
Nidoran, Nidorino/Nidorina, and Nidoking/Nidoqueen have Defiant as their second ability slot, replacing competitive.
Arrokuda/Barraskewda have Strong Jaw as their second ability slot.

City & Route Reworks:
– Ore Valley took a drastic rework to the map’s design and tilesets.
A new Pokemon capture system has been introduced, but it will be accessible for the next update.
There, you will be able to capture several insect-type Pokémon, both by default spawn (Grass) and by Headbutt move, which within this map the use is infinite.
– Pikachu and Grubbin are available in Viridian Forest. (Pikachu is very rare, compared to Eevee on Route 04)
Aipom will appear in some locations by Headbutt.

The bug with Eggs in the Summary was fixed.
Chansey now has a high chance to hold Lucky Egg

Known Bugs

  • Pokedex Area Location on Pokédex Editor is bugged to show the extra areas of spawns.
  • If you don’t use MyBoy/Pizza Boy, mGBA, or VBA if you enter in certain maps, your game has a high chance to freeze.





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If you want to, find out about the latest progress, upcoming changes, or report bugs, be sure to join their official discord server.



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